I offer translation services from English to Spanish and from Spanish to English in different areas and with different computer-assisted translation (CAT) tools, which speeds up and simplifies the process. I create translation memories so that consistency is maintained across all client’s projects.


I edit the translated documents sent by the client. In addition, I have the ability to give feedback, so that the translator benefits from it - feedback is as important as the project!


If you already have your project translated and edited, but you want someone to check extra-linguistic issues, such as formatting and compliance with the end client’s requirements, I can help you! I take care of a final reading of the project, checking that the formatting is as close as possible to the original and corroborating that the client’s expectations have been met.

Automatic Translation Post-Editing

Machine translation is generated by automated online translation systems. As machines do not have the capacity to maintain the essence of what is being communicated, I intervene to adapt the text and improve its quality.


I adapt the text from one language to another by applying creative and engaging strategies to maintain the context, the initiative and the goal of the message.

I specialize

in the following fields:



Human Resources

General Medicine

Wellness and Nutrition

Life Sciences

Health insurance

General Medicine




Information technology

Technical manuals

Technology in general